Comprehensive strength to provide solutions for various domestic/global marketing Challenges One-stop research service for "Industry Research" and "Consumer Survey"


JMAR, the best-fit research solution provider in Japan

"Industry Research" clarifies the following: the current status and potential of a domestic/global market; market trends; market entry modes and measures taken by bench mark companies and competitors; and, actual conditions and trends of counterparties such as suppliers. "Consumer Survey" is to understand the attitudes and situations of users who purchased products and services. JMAR is one of few research agencies in Japan that can conduct both industry and consumer researches and resolve clients’ marketing challenges by, as needed, selecting and combining those methods to provide best-fit solutions, nothing like other ordinary research firms doing researches just for acquiring market data.

The services provided by JMA Research Institute Inc. (JMAR) cover marketing management consulting, management strategy planning, etc. for various companies as a think tank of the Japan Management Association (JMA) Group. The mission of our Global Division is to provide customers with solutions for domestic/global marketing challenges We are one of the foremost research firms in Japan that can provide appropriate solutions by selecting and combining appropriate industry researches and consumer surveys as occasion demands.

Support customers for all the way from identifying potential issues to business operation Taking a stance of 'Together with our customers'

"Together with our customers" is our Motto. Building a close relationship with customers, we provide a wide variety of solutions beyond standard researches/surveys conducted by an ordinary research firm (coordination of designing and conducting of researches/surveys up to providing research reports).
We conduct research/survey planning together with customers to identify and determine contents and items. First, we look into customer’s business and marketing challenges to identify the focus of study hidden behind them. Then, research is conducted after designing the research/survey plan in consideration of what our customer really need to know. Meaning that JMAR can assist clients from the phase when a marketing challenge has not been boiled down to “the focus of study”.
Moreover, not limited to research, our service includes the support of business strategy/measure planning, product and service development, ads material creation, and business partner search.

"Flexible research lineup" and "Reliable researchers"

Industry research is conducted by researchers with a background in "Marketing Data Bank (MDB)", the largest institute in Japan providing marketing information, where researchers regularly access over 200 thousand references. With this experience, JMAR can promptly acquire useful information that is unique in each industry and easily reach the knowledge level required by customers. Besides, our profound knowledge and techniques on marketing are well systematized. These resource and knowledgeable our skillful researchers to derive hypotheses through communication with customers; then, those can be accurately verified and analyzed by interviewing key persons of an industry and/or companies.
Online surveys via internet as well as offline surveys by gathering respondents are used for consumer surveys. Again, in the field of consumer survey, JMAR proposes optimal research methods after reviewing customer's challenges from the viewpoint of research professionals. For instance, when collecting data from the elderly or children, who are difficult to recruit in online survey, offline methods are taken. Collecting pairing data between generations like parents and children at the same household is also possible. The quality of survey is secured through a variety of methods such as visual check on raw data by researchers, expelling respondents with frequently inappropriate answers from the panel etc.

JMA Research Institute, Inc.

JMAR's high-quality researches/surveys and solutions beyond the scale of a research firm will resolve the domestic and global marketing challenges. Supporting decision-making to lead your business to success ― this is the mission of Global Division of JMAR.

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