Packaging Test/Naming Test

The suitability of a product package and name is verified for conveying adequately the strength, concept and differentiation points of a product to consumers. The evaluation by consumers in the core target segments of a product is the key. To determine an attractive package and name, multiple candidates for each are required.

Pursuing the Most Effective Research Design for the Solution of Your Challenge
We will make the research goal clear by hearing your challenge. Your requirements are the starting point for professional researchers to investigate the issues for providing a proposal of the most suitable survey design and analysis method.
Fulfilling Research Panel X Survey Methods
Offline as well as online respondents are available. Real surveys such as mail survey, Facsimile survey, Central location test (CLT) and interview besides online survey are available and a firm survey promotion system is provided.
Our Support Extending to How Analysis Results are Used
If you do not know how to use the analysis results effectively, we help you read the results and apply it to your marketing strategy.

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