Online Survey

An online survey is the method to do a questionnaire on the Internet. It is a quick and inexpensive way for a survey. We can reach approximately two million respondents through the Internet; thus, it enables to conduct a survey requiring a vast number of samples and a survey for respondents who are extremely specific.

Extensive Special Panels
The database is available to select very specific respondents who are usually unreachable. It enables to quickly and inexpensively conduct a survey of respondents who have chronic illness and who engage in a specific occupation and/or are in a specific position.
Data Cleaning Thoroughly Performed to Acquire High-Quality Data
The data from respondents is considered valid when they are passed in terms of the duration for answering a questionnaire, the tendency of responses, the responses to open questions, etc.
Adequate Analysis Conducted for Finding a Solution
The analyses conducted by professional data analysts enable to acquire essential information that is unobtainable by one-way and cross tabulation.


The advantages of an online survey are as follows: the survey period is relatively short; the cost is usually lower than other surveys; it is suitable for a large amount of samples; videos can be used; the logic control of questions is available to reduce inconsistent responses.


The deliverables can be provided in any language if required.

Extensive Respondents

Consumer survey includes not only online survey using the Internet but offline survey to respondents. An right survey/research method is selected; for example, an offline survey is used for acquiring data widely from seniors in general or direct responses from children. It is also available to obtain paired data by a survey on the differences between generations in a family. Furthermore, researchers review actual responses one by one to reject inappropriate responses for ensuring the quality of a survey.

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